Michigan Art Gallery Guided Tour & Schmidt’s Gallery Auction Preview


Please join us:


March 18th, 2023 at 2:00pm for a Free Guided Tour of Michigan Art Gallery


Light refreshments (also free!) will be provided by Last Bite Chef Allison Anastasio, of the Historic Newton Hotel in Ypsilanti. @chefallisonanastasio @thenewtonofypsi


Artists represented in the tour include:


Gerome Kamrowski, Charles Waltensperger, William Greason, Chet La More, James Harvey, Jim Crawford, Richard Wilt, Mignonette Yin Cheng, Alfred Hinton, Leon Makielski, Connie Pickering Stover, Richard Sears, William Lewis, Milton Kemnitz, John Loree, James C. Harrison, Paul Stewart, William Kinkaid, Edgar Yaeger, Tunis Ponsen, Alma M. Goetsch, Katherine Winkler, Arthur La Vinger, Keith Schafer, Nule Friend, Julian Alangua, Melba Price and more!



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